Reliability of Voluntary Response Index Analysis Using Surface Electromyography in Professional Football Players

Mr. Ahmadreza Firouzi

Mr. Mahmood Reza Azghani

Mrs. Mandana Rezaei

Mr. Ali Jahan

To evaluate the effectiveness of a scapula-focused protocol

with aid of electromyographic biofeedback to abolish pain

Mobilization-with-movement and Exercises with

EMG Biofeedback in Subjects with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Application of biofeedback in shoulder injuries

Shoulder Instability and Impingement Syndrome

Why use Physioplux in the Motor Relearning process?

Motor relearning with Biofeedback

A mobile health application for falls detection and biofeedback monitoring

E. Horta, I. Lopes, J. Rodrigues, M. Proença

Electrophysiology of the Heart and the Electrocardiogram

Visual Depictions

A Wireless User-Computer Interface to Explore Various Sources of

Biosignals and Visual Biofeedback for Severe Motor Impairment

Pressure biofeedback unit to assess and train lumbopelvic stability

in supine individuals with chronic low back pain

Comparing the Effects of Biofeedback and Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) on Dyssynergic Defecation Sings and Symptoms

AR Pakghalb and R Bazaz Behbahani

Published: August 24, 2020

The Unstable Shoulder

Biofeedback Training of the External Rotators to Centralize the Humeral Head in Patients with Anterior Shoulder Instability and/or Pain

Urogenital Pain

Dr. Howard Glazer

Functional Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain With
Core Stabilization Exercises: Suggestions for
Exercises and Progressions in Athletes