Production of COVID-19 vaccine at the terminal station

Pfizer and Biontech are the first companies to announce the corona vaccine successfully; Moderna company in Oxford have also announced the final stages of production of the vaccine. Iran, along with other countries, is in tireless competition for the production of corona vaccine. According to the news website of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, six domestic companies are currently researching the production of corona vaccine, and the studies of two companies will enter the human phase in the coming weeks.

Dr. Seyed Haidar Mohammadi, Director General of Drugs and Substances Controlled by the Food and Drug Administration: The amount of vaccine supply depends on the production of companies, on the other hand, the priority of these companies is their own country and in the next degree COVAX, COVAX is committed to The third stage of the vaccine supply is a trade agreement that we are consulting with China, India and several European countries. (Source: Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education)

Russia and Britain have also recently begun general vaccinations, and the process is expected to begin soon in other countries.

Footnote: COVAX is co-led by the Gavi Joint Group, the Coalition for Epidemic Innovation Innovation (CEPI) and WHO. It aims to accelerate the production and manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine and ensure fair and equitable access for every country in the world.