PLUX New Miniaturized FNIRS Sensor

PLUX and Charles River Analytics launch a new miniaturized FNIRS sensor for high-quality signal acquisitions available at a fraction of current systems costs.

Functional infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) sensors measure the reflection of red and infrared light in the cortical tissue. These sensors are normally attached to the forehead and can be used to estimate the oxygen saturation of the blood in the brain tissue.

Dr. Bethany Bracken: An unobtrusive system to measure cognitive state would be useful across multiple domains. Laboratory-based experiments would be easier to conduct and portable in real-world environments. It could be used in Training, such as to assess the effectiveness of curriculum or to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student. It could also be used during the testing and evaluation of new tools early in the design phase, which would streamline the development of intuitive tools.